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Police Clearance in Thailand

If you are applying for a visa in Thailand for Australia then certain visas will require a police clearance certificate issued in Thailand from Thai police. There is a waiting period for the certificate in Bangkok which also needs to be handed in for a marriage visa, fiancée visa or a partner visa for Australia. The following is what the Australian Immigration service will not allow.

  • you have been sentenced to 12 months or more in prison, or multiple sentences.
  • you have been convicted of any offence that was committed while in immigration detention
  • you have or had an association with an individual, group or organisation suspected of having been, or being, involved in criminal conduct
  • having regard to your past/present criminal conduct, you are found not to be of good character
  • having regard to your past/present general conduct, you are found not to be of good character
  • there is a significant risk that you will engage in criminal conduct in Australia

When the application for your Australian visa states that you need to be of good character then this is what it is referring to. These would normally show on a police clearance certificate as you would have been convicted or investigated for crimes or criminal activities. The following documents are needed by Thai police to issue a police clearance certificate for a Thai national for her/his visa to Australia.

  • your passport and Thai ID card
  • household registration
  • any evidence of name changes
  • marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if available)
  • evidence of military service (such as Sor Dor 9, Sor Dor 8 or Sor Dor 48)
  • the agreement from your employer (if you are travelling to work in Australia), and
  • a written request for the certificate from the Department office processing your application.

The police clearance certificate is normally done for you by an immigration lawyer while applying for your Australian visa in Bangkok. See the rest of this website for more details on the visa options available to a Thai national.

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