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Islamic marriages in Thailand

If you are a Muslim in Australia and wish to take your Thai wife back to Australia then you can apply for an Australian Spouse visa or if you are not married an Australian Fiancée Visa. If you are planning on getting married in Thailand as a Muslim then there is another process to follow before you register your marriage in Thailand.

Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

We will look at a Muslim getting married to a non-Muslim in Thailand and how this process would work. Note that certain Embassies will not issue an affirmation to get married until such time that you are able to produce verification that it is going to be a Muslim marriage. The procedure in Thailand can be very straightforward if you know where to start as you need to have contact with a Mosque in Thailand as well as access to the Imam of the Mosque.

If the other party is a non-Muslim then this is where the process starts – conversion. The non-Muslim first has to convert to Islam before the marriage ceremony can take place. The procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete. Note that you need to obtain the Islamic conversion certificate which the Islamic Center in Bangkok can issue.

The ceremony will then take place in a Mosque and you may now register your marriage in Thailand. You letter of Affirmation of Letter of no impediment has to be verified by the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs after which you have to register the marriage at the local Amphurs office or District Office in Thailand. See the marriage registration process in Thailand for more information. If it is a Muslim with another Muslim the marriage ceremony and registration is much easier.

If you are looking at getting married in Thailand to a Muslim or non-Muslim then find an immigration lawyer who can complete the process for you with the least amount of difficulty while in a foreign country. Thailand is a great place to get married, however it is always best to know beforehand what the procedures are in the country so you do not feel disappointed.

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