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Health Certificate

You will require a health certificate if you are applying for an Australian visa. This could be a fiancée visa for Australia or an Australian Spouse visa or partner visa. The health check is done in Thailand at a hospital and Thailand is ranked as a high risk country by Australia. This means there needs to be additional checks. These are listed as below.

Health Certificate

The health certificate for your Australian visa would require the following checked at a designated hospital in Thailand. Normally immigration lawyers will do this for you and take you through the process so that it is completed correctly so that visa denial does not become an issue. This table outlines health examinations that you will generally be required to undertake for your temporary visa application.

If you are applying for a permanent or provisional visa:

  • a medical examination in Thailand
  • also a chest x-ray and (if aged 11 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds)
  • an HIV test (if aged 15 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds).

You may also be required to complete additional tests if you:

  • Health Certificate

    are aged 15 over and are intending to work as (or study to be) a doctor, dentist, nurse or paramedic in Australia (hepatitis B and C testing will also be required)

  • maybe you are pregnant (hepatitis B testing will also be required)
  • are aged 15 or over and applying for a protection or a humanitarian visa (hepatitis B and C, and syphilis testing is required)
  • maybe you are an unaccompanied humanitarian minor, a child for adoption or a child in the care of an Australian state or territory government welfare authority (HIV and hepatitis B testing is required)
  • have a specific health condition that is identified during your initial health examinations or as part of the visa application process.

If you have any question about the medical certificate needed for your Australian visa then speak to an immigration expert in Thailand for more advice and assistance. Also check the criminal record certificate which will be needed if you are migrating to Australia.


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