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Thai Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand or so called, Thai pre-nup is a written agreement or contract made between two people before entering marriage. This, in general, enlists all properties or assets of both parties, specifies what property rights will each have after the marriage and also outlines how each wishes to divide marital properties in the event the marriage is dissolved in death or divorce. This only deals with the personal and marital property of husband and wife.

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Thai Marriage Registration

This is Thai marriage registration. If you have had your wedding ceremony in Thailand you now need to register the wedding in Thailand. The very same goes with an Islamic wedding in Thailand. Both Christian, Islamic and Buddhist weddings are not valid in according with Thai and Australian law until it has been registered with the District Office in Thailand.

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Retirement worth living in Chiangmai

Retirement is a time to enjoy more of life, spend the hard earned money and embrace new changes. The retirement place is important to achieve the kind of lifestyle each retiree desires. One of the best places to retire is in Chiangmai. Retirement in Chiangmai offers a high quality of life at a low cost and much better than retirement in Bangkok.

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Retire with a Smile in Bangkok

As the cost of living gets more expensive in the west, more and more retirees are coming to Bangkok. The cost of living is a quarter of the cost of living in most western cities.  Bangkok has been popular now as place for retirement among westerners.

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Thai Marriage Visa

If you are married to a Thai and have already registered your marriage in Thailand then you can also stay in Thailand if you are not going back to Australia. The marriage certificate will allow you to apply for an Australian Spouse visa (if you are moving to Australia) and you can also apply for a Thai marriage visa (if you decide to stay in Thailand). These are your two options with your Thai wife.

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Thai Retirement Visa

Many Australians who get married in Thailand or marry a Thai national tend to stay in Thailand and retire. Some however move back to Australia with their Thai wife on an Australian Spouse visa or Australian Fiancée visa if they did not register their marriage in Thailand. This retirement visa is only one option for Australians. The Thai marriage visa is another option if you wish to stay in Thailand with your Thai wife and not return to Australia.

You can apply for a Thai retirement visa in Australia. There are a number of Thai Embassies in Australia where you can apply for the Thai O-A visa. This visa is a 90 day visa and once you enter Thailand you need to ensure that you extend the visa within 90 days. The visa process in Thailand takes about 4 weeks to complete and you might seek the services of a lawyer in Thailand to deal with the red tape of Thai immigration as the process becomes complex with regard to your medical certificate and also your police clearance certificate.

The process starts at a Thai Embassy in Australia where you need to hand in the following documents and they will normally issue the visa the following afternoon. Each Embassy has its own procedures so check with them beforehand. The documents are as follows:

  1. Completed application form;
  2. Copy of your passport & passport;
  3. Copy of Thai bank account showing 800,000THB in it (optional)

The visa will be issued and you now need to enter Thailand with this Retirement visa in your passport. Once you enter Thailand you have 90 days to extend the Thai “O-A” visa. The process from here requires more documents and this becomes complicated. Don’t wait to extend the visa till the last minute as stated it take 4 weeks to get the visa extended. The following documents are normally needed and you need to speak to an immigration lawyer about the documents as they do change.

  1. Completed Application form;
  2. Copy of passport & passport;
  3. Copy of Thai Bank account showing 800,000THB or
  4. Copy of Thai Bank account showing an income of 65,000THB per month;
  5. Copy of letter from your Embassy if income is from a pension;
  6. Copy of Criminal Record Clearance (depends)
  7. Copy of Health certificate (3rd stage syphilis check etc.)
  8. Copy of map to where you are staying in Thailand

These are the basic documents which are needed. The immigration rules do change so always check first before you come to Thailand as to what the latest changes are. If you need any help with your retirement in Thailand as an Australian then speak to an immigration expert in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Police Clearance in Thailand

If you are applying for a visa in Thailand for Australia then certain visas will require a police clearance certificate issued in Thailand from Thai police. There is a waiting period for the certificate in Bangkok which also needs to be handed in for a marriage visa, fiancée visa or a partner visa for Australia. The following is what the Australian Immigration service will not allow.

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