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Partner Visa Australia Thailand

The partner visa Australia Thailand is explained below. There are two types of visa application wherein Australian Sponsors may apply for their girlfriends, partners and spouses from Thailand. These type of visa applications vary with your intention whether to marry in Australia, or to bring your spouse to Australia or join partnership in Australia.

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Australian Tourist Visa

The Australian Tourist Visa (Subclass 600) is a type of visa available for Thai citizens who are planning to go to Australia for tourism. Australia has also been a popular destination for Thais who wish to explore the educational and employment opportunities, meet with Australian friends, be with loved ones and relatives. Obtaining an Australian Tourist Visa for a Thai is difficult for most Thais because the paperwork requirement for the visa application is complicated especially for first time applicants.

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Child Custody in Thailand

Child custody in Thailand becomes very important when you are going to be leaving Thailand and your wife or Fiancee has a minor child. There may be issues with the visa and setting the child in Australia if the biological father objects if custody was part of a divorce settlement. Always take legal advice when there are children involved. The child would require an Australian Child visa to move to Australia if the mother is moving to Australia under an Australian spouse visa or Australian Fiancee visa. Always take legal advice in this regard.

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Thai Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand or so called, Thai prenuptial agreement. This is a written agreement or contract made between two people before entering marriage. This, in general, enlists all properties or assets of both parties. Specifies what property rights will each have after the marriage and also outlines how each wishes to divide marital properties in the event the marriage is dissolved in death or divorce. This only deals with the personal and marital property of husband and wife.

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Thai Marriage Registration

This is Thai marriage registration. If you have had your wedding ceremony in Thailand. You now need to register the wedding in Thailand. The very same goes with an Islamic wedding in Thailand. Both Christian, Islamic and Buddhist weddings are not valid in according with Thai and Australian law until it has been registered with the District Office in Thailand.

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Australian Fiancee Visa

This is the Australian fiancee visa process. The Australian Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) is a visa which you have to apply for from outside of Australia. The purpose of this visa is to take your Thai fiancée from Thailand to get married in Australia. Note that like most fiancée visas there is a time limit. The visa is only valid for 9 months once you enter Australia. You need to get married in Australia within this 9 month period.

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