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Australian Tourist Visa

The Australian Tourist Visa (Subclass 600) is a type of visa available for Thai citizens who are planning to go to Australia for tourism. Australia has also been a popular destination for Thais who wish to explore the educational and employment opportunities, meet with Australian friends, be with loved ones and relatives. Obtaining an Australian Tourist Visa for a Thai is difficult for most Thais because the paperwork requirement for the visa application is complicated especially for first time applicants.

Australian Tourist Visa

There are two subclasses for the Australian Tourist Visa: The subclass 600 which is a temporary visa allowing the holder to stay in Australia for leisure valid for three, six or twelve months. Another is the subclass 679 which is the Sponsored Family Visitor Visa, currently of non-existence. This type of Australian Tourist Visa is for those who plan to visit relatives in Australia for a maximum duration of 12 months and requires a formal sponsorship from an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Australian Tourist Visa Eligibility

It is necessary for Thai citizens to show that they have strong ties with Thailand and is financially capable for fund their Australian trip. Here are some of the eligibility requirements for an Australian Tourist Visa:

  • –          Applicant should be able to show proof of employment
  • –          Applicant should be able to show proof of bank savings
  • –          Also the applicant should be able to show proof of assets and properties
  • –          Applicant should be able to show proof of dependents, if any

For those who are being sponsored by their Australian relatives or partners, all details and supporting documents should be provided to their sponsors who will be filing the formal application for sponsorship.

Requirements for the Australian Tourist Visa

  • –          Completely filled up application form
  • –          Current passport or travel document with six months validity beyond the planned date of travel
  • –          Payment for the visa application
  • –          Proof of sufficient funds
  • –          Proof of accommodation for the whole stay
  • –          Also proof of strong ties to Thailand or solid reasons to come back after the trip
  • –          Proof of stable employment
  • –          Proof of flight reservation if applicable, but, not necessarily supplied

For sponsored visa application:

  • –          Invitation letter by an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • –          Sponsorship letter by an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • –          Proof of employment, accommodation and bank savings from the Australian sponsor


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