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Australian Parent Visa

See how the Australian Parent Visa works and the requirements for the visa. This has become a common Australian visa in Thailand as more Thai nationals settle in Australia and start a new life. This visa allows the parents of a Thai national now living in Australia. Note (if their child is an Australian citizen or permanent resident) and is settled in Australia to apply for the visa and live with their children.

Australian Parent Visa

The visa requirements for Australia for this parent visa is listed below with an explanation of the terminology being used:

  • are sponsored
  • meet the balance-of-family test
  • are prepared to wait in a queue before your visa can be decided.
  • meet health and character requirements

Australian Parent VisaNote that the first requirement is that your parents or mother or father. Needs you as an Australian national or permanent resident to sponsor their stay in Australia. You will however see that the sponsor needs to have been living lawfully in Australia. This for at least two years before you apply for this visa.

The child however does not need to be over the age of 18 to allow this sponsorship. This as the minor child can get their parent or guardian to sponsor the parent visa. This happens at times where there has been a divorce in Thailand and the parent now wants to join their child in Australia. Like any Australian visa you need a health certificate as well as a criminal record clearance from Thai police which is issued in Bangkok.

Australian Parent Visa Children

Total number of childrenNumber of children usually living in AustraliaNumber of children usually living in countries other than AustraliaMeets balance of family test
Country ACountry BCountry CCountry D
211 –Yes
312 –No
3111 –No
422 –Yes
41111 –No
4121 –No
532 –Yes
6222 –No

The Balance of Family Test is interesting. This as there is a point system for this to see how many ties you have as a parent to Australia. Note that your partner’s children, including stepchildren and adopted children. They are counted in the balance-of-family test. The table below gives you a good indication of your ability to gain this visa.

If you are married to an Australian citizen or engaged even when you have children in Australia. You don’t need a parent visa but can apply for a spouse visa or fiancée visa on your Australian partners citizenship. See this website for more details.

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