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Australian Carer Visa

Lets look at the Australian carer visa. If you have Thai family in Australia and one of your relatives are ill and need long-term care then you can apply for this visa. If you are already married to an Australian citizen then you cannot apply for this visa but would have to apply for an Australian Spouse visa for a Thai national in Bangkok. This is only for a Thai family member who is already an Australian citizen.

Australian Carer Visa

The requirements for this Australian visa has been listed below. If you do not fully understand the requirements then you need to speak or contact an immigration lawyer in Thailand for more information about your visa application.

  • you have a relative in Australia who needs help due to a long-term medical condition
  • your relative has arranged an assessment with Bupa Medical Visa Services
  • there is no one else in Australia who can provide the care or assistance
  • you are willing and able to assist your relative
  • if you are sponsored by your relative or their partner.​
  • you should fully understand what kind of care or assistance your relative needs
  • if you can prove that the person is a relative (birth certificates etc)

Australian Carer Visa Requirements

Note that for this visa you would need to meet the character requirements for the visa as well as a health check. This is common with all Australian visa applications. This usually requires that you get a police clearance certificate in Thailand. You will also note that with this visa you are allowed to add a family members to the visa application form. These are usually limited to:

  • your partner (married or de facto)
  • if your or your partner’s dependent children
  • other dependent relatives.

Australian Carer Visa (subclass 116)

You will also have to ensure that your Thai family members meet the health and criminal clearance record check as yourself. Most times the dependents tend to be young children. When you apply for this visa you need to be outside of Australia. This as they do not allow you to apply for this visa while you are in Australia. If you are turned down. They will provide you with a reason as to why the visa was refused and also your review rights (if any).

This is a very complicated visa to apply for in Thailand. Speak to an immigration lawyer in Bangkok for more assistance. This as the documents needed for this visa is long and complex. There are a number of visa options for Australia so browse this website for more visa options.

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